female elf rogue


small and thin from being malnourished growing up, with very long silvery hair but matted and full of knots from not looking after her personal appearance much, she has deep sage green eyes that constantly look for danger and any signs of trouble. Nyix wears a deep tan studded leather suit and has her trusty shortbow on her back.


Nyix is a female elf that came from a dishonoured family. Her parents not too long after her becoming a teenager (in elf years) became addicted to drink and gambling their wealth away. Nyix was often sent out by her parents to “earn” some gold (often she stole small items off the wealthy merchants to get by)

after too long, the other elves in her childhood forest home got sick of the “dishonoured” family and took her parents to the nearest slave camp to “clean up their act” while poor nyix was out (stealing) earning some gold. She came back to an empty home with no sign of her parents

After a few months on her own and often stealing to feed herself when hunting just wasnt enough (her father taught her how to hunt with a shortbow before his problems) and came across Quainthollow . She finally found a place to call home, Now she tries to earn gold from crafting long and shortbows and selling them to the local people as well as entertaining the kids of Quainthollow with her (very often) exagurated stories of her hunts in the forest.


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