Carac was born into a family consisting of farmers, in a village called Quainthollow. Growing up, Carac had a natural curiousity for how things work, and was eager to work once he got a tool in his hand. His uncanny interest and talent for the wellbeing of the community was quickly uncovered, and as a result he participated in selling the crops the family had grown, when traders came by. It wouldn’t take long before Caracs curiousity ventured deeper, as he heard stories from the travelling traders.

In his early teens he heard about gods. He had heard a bit, as Ioel was the main deity in the local area. He soon came to discover a god called Merriman, the keeper of the sacred coin. Carac knew, that trading was important to the village – and thereby started to see trading and cooperation between humans as a vital aspect to the continued existence of his home.

Carac reached out for Merriman, and he answered. And since that day, Carac knew that he would change the world. And more importantly, ensure the survival of Quainthollow – of his home.


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